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When the Lights Go Out (Excerpt)

A Children's Storybook

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By James Pao

There is a little known secret

When the lights go out

and the world is sound asleep 

when children count cows 

or is it sheep?

After milk and chocolate chip cookies

After long bedtime stories 

When not a soul is stirring 

except for an occasional snoring 

After all the kisses and the cuddles 

the last minute bedtime snuggles 

After the “I love yous” 

and the “I love you toos” 

when the sun says good night and good bye 

And the golden moon is hung up high 

when the stars dance across the velvet sky 

Good night, good night. 

There is a little known secret

In the darkness of the night

This is when the wild and the rowdy

hidden and out of sight

the unknown and downright crazy

This is when the monsters 

comes out to play

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