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Peter and the Journey Home (Excerpt)

A Children's Storybook

Peter and the Journey Home (Story): Image

By James Pao

Alone Peter watched as rain washed

onto concrete in the streets below. 

A flash, a streak, and then thunder 

rattled and shook the windows around him.

The family cat, Mr. Tibbers yawned

and curled up next to the fireplace.

The fire was the only thing that danced 

in the gloomy Saturday rain.

How Peter wished the rain would stop.

For there were no sun to meet and greet;

no kids shouting, running, nor playing below;

and no bird songs in the trees.

There remained only 

the falling rain whispering hush, hush, hush.

But there on the driveway 

was a bit of gold and blue.

Peter’s wooden toy boat whose

white sails waved against the wind.

“On no!” Peter shouted,

“The rain is going to wash my boat away!”

Peter donned his favorite yellow raincoat,

fumbled and tripped over his rain boots,

and raced into the pouring grey rain.

Raindrops collected into a small puddle

at the base of the little wooden toy boat

the wind pulled its sails whichever way.

The puddle then gathered into a small stream

and the toy boat set sail upon it’s aimless journey

with the wind howling away, away, away.

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