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Goodbye, Caspian (Excerpt)

A Children's Storybook

Goodbye Caspian: Image

By James Pao

Stella barricaded the bedroom door

pushing everything she could find to block it

Her tiny body shoving against the furniture 

her small knuckles white from the pressure 

and her cheeks wet from the tears  

Behind the barrier were the yelling and the screams

sometimes the harshest words cut too deep

In the darkness of the room, she covered her ears

her teardrops pooled on her lap 

as she crouched on her knees

Stella looked around the room

at all the shadowy outlines 

until her gaze fell upon her teddy bear

Thoughts swirled inside her mind 

and memories welled and lined 

the edges of her eyes 

Outside, the wind pounded against the window

It howled and groaned as if to cry

the heavy rain splashing 

against the little house

as though the world knew what she felt inside 

Just then came a gust of wind so strong

it forced the windows to swing wide open

And in the window stood a peculiar young boy

with silky golden hair and a flowing white coat 

Without an introduction, the little boy said,

“Happy birthday, my little lady”

Goodbye Caspian: Text
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