Enchanted Forest1.tif

Emily and the Enchanted Forest (Excerpt)

A Children's Storybook


By James Pao

The little blue car drove down the bumpy hillside dirt road

Emily sat in the back seat looking out of the window

As the humps of distant mountains rolled by

In a swirl of browns, greens and occasional bald spots

“Be sure to behave yourself when you are at grandma and grandpa’s” said her father.

“Mmmhmmm” Emily replied.

She had visited her grandparents’ house many times before, but she had never stayed overnight.

Her grandparents lived in a tiny cottage that often smelled of freshly baked bread

Outside a small inviting lamp light hung on a cozy white porch

The house, a teeny cottage on a vast hillside overlooking the forest for as far as the eye could see.

She loved that forest

Emily had walked the winding trails many times with her grandpa

She loved the beams of sunlight as they peeked through the treetops

The fresh smell of pine-trees and morning dew

The singing of unseen songbirds

And the whisper of trees as they danced and swayed in the wind

Her grandparents would often tell her stories

About the magic of the forest

And the creatures that dwell there

The fairies, the nymphs, the tree sprites, the dryads

Old stories of a time long forgotten

The little blue car came to an abrupt stop

The familiar porch light was on

Welcoming their arrival

As the sun retreated over the horizon