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“Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy.”

Nicholas Sparks

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More About James

James is an aspiring writer from Orange County, California. He possesses multiple Associates degrees from De Anza college located in the Silicon Valley. He later went on to graduate from the University of California San Diego with a double major in Economics and International Studies - International Business. 

His passion for writing started from a young age as an Asian American immigrant having to attend English as a Second Language classes in elementary school. Through his ESL classes, he gained an appreciation for the English language. Reading together with his ESL teacher and placing heavy emphasis upon each word and picture, he understood the power of picturebooks in helping young people interpret the world around them. 

While attending the University of California San Diego, he was inspired by Geisel Library, named after Dr. Suess, and solidified his determination to make a name for himself writing children's storybooks. 

Currently, James tries to write children's stories dealing with a theme of environmental sustainability because he firmly believes that the fight for a greener planet will be one of the defining challenges for generations to come. He also dabbles in trying to write stories incorporating Asian cultures and traditions. Stories that were passed down to him from his family, which were passed on to them from their families. In his stories, he tries to promote gender equality as he feels there’s been an absence in children’s storybooks of a female protagonist with which younger girls can identify with. He tries and balances the main character of his stories with both little boys and little girls (with the occasional monster or goblin). 

In his free time, James writes, writes, and writes some more. Or you can find him imagining worlds and far away places, dreaming of possibilities and impossibilities, but always searching for an adventure and a little magic. 

He is openly looking for the opportunity to collaborate with artists interested in illustrating his work. Hopefully, in the future, he is able to work with established publishing houses.  

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